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PHOTO BOOTH HIRE - CALL 07912 383198

Photo Booth Hire Requirements

It usually takes an hour to set the photo booth up and then an hour to take down again and so with travelling, it can be a 7 – 8 hour event.

We therefore ask that we are able to have a light snack from the buffet once the guests have eaten. If this is not possible then please do let us know when booking for us to take a packed lunch.

Booth Sizes / Space Required

The photo booth requires a completely flat surface and it measures 1.23 metres in depth, 2.20 metres in length and 1.97 metres in height. In addition, we require a small table for the photo album if possible.

Photo Booth Location

When selecting the location of the photo booth at your venue please note that we need access to a nearby 13amp 240v mains socket.

For safety reasons the photo booth can only be operated inside on a solid flat floor.  It can be operated inside a marquee providing there is a mains electricity supply and the area is flat, dry and under cover on all sides.