Green Screen Option

If you choose the enclosed photo booth you have the option of a green screen background inside the booth. With this option you can insert an image behind your guests in the photos. It’s the same technique that is used in the production of multi-million dollar hollywood blockbusters and you have access to that same technology in our photo booth!

We have a range of standard themes / images for you to select from or you can supply your own images. You just need to ensure that you own the copyright so that they can legally be reproduced and printed / posted online. You automatically own the copyright to any images that you have taken yourself or you may have purchased the rights to reproduce the images.

We can also do plain coloured backgrounds. For example, some clients have chosen black as their background in the past and this is achieved with the green screen.

Below are the themes and backgrounds that we offer. You can select them on the booking form by choosing the green screen background option.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Green Screen Background

Beach Green Screen Background


Vintage Wedding
Vintage Wedding Green Screen Background

Christmas Green Screen Backgrounds

Halloween Green Screen Background