Frequently Asked Questions

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What Size Is The Photo Booth?

The Enclosed Photo Booth measures 1.23 metres in depth, 2.2 metres in length and 1.97 metres in height.

The Selfie Pod measures just 1 metre wide x 0.550 metres in depth and a height of 2.1 metres. You will need a space to the front of the unit (approx 6 feet) for your guests to stand and have their pictures taken. The background will be the environment behind your guests.

The Selfie Mirror measures just 0.795m Square x 1.845m tall and it can be accommodated in the smallest of venues. As per the Selfie Pod, you will need a space to the front of the unit (approx 6 feet) for your guests to stand and have their pictures taken. The background will be the environment behind your guests.

In addition, for all types of photo booth, we need a small table to be provided by the venue for your guest book.

How Do I Secure The Photo Booth For My Booking Date?

In order to secure your booking and reserve your date, first check our availability via the contact us form.

Once we have confirmed availability of a photo booth for your date, please complete our online booking form and send us a £50 deposit. We will confirm your booking and receipt of your deposit by return via email.

You can find the online booking form here:


You can pay the £50 deposit using PayPal (or a credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account) via the link on our website here:

Do Your Prices Include VAT?

Yes, all our prices include VAT at 20% and will supply you with a VAT invoice.

Our VAT Registration Number is 209304728.

Can I Choose A Photo Template That Will Match My Event?

Yes, you can choose a design from our range of premium photo booth templates as an option when booking. We can modify the colours of any of the templates to match with the theme of your event. Otherwise all of our packages come with a white template and we can edit the wording to suit your event.

If you want a custom design we charge an additional one-off design fee of £50.

How Many People Can Fit In The Photo Booth?

The enclosed photo booth can accommodate 5 - 6 adults. The selfie pod and selfie mirror have no physical constraints on the number of people as they are both open plan units and so if people can see themselves they will be in the photo!

What Camera Do You Use In Your Photo Booth?

We use a high quality professional Canon digital SLR camera within the photo booth. This allows us to capture high resolution images and videos. These are supplied on a DVD at the end of the event for you to take away and enjoy for years to come.

What Printer Do You Use In Your Photo Booth?

We use a commercial Mitsubishi thermal dye sublimation printer which produces photo-lab quality prints in under 20 seconds. They are instantly dry, guaranteed fade free and waterproof and will last for years to come.

Do You Charge Extra For The Costs Of Travelling To An Event?

Our package prices are all-inclusive and there are no additional charges for travelling to your event.

Can We Order Re-prints And Enlargements After The Event?

We will upload all of your photos to our online gallery so that you and your guests will be able to view all of the images and order re-prints or enlargements after the event, as required. To protect your privacy, you will have the option of setting a password for the online gallery when making your booking.

How Long Before My Photos Will Be Available Online?

When making your booking you will be given the option to choose whether your photos should be uploaded to our Facebook Page and / or our Online Gallery. In both cases, your photos will be posted within 48 hours of the end of your event.

Can The Photo Booth Be Located Outside?

No, for safety reasons the photo booth can only be operated inside on a solid flat floor. It can be operated inside a marquee providing there is a mains electricity supply and the area is flat, dry and under cover on all sides to protect it from wind and rain.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up The Photo Booth?

All our photo booths can be set up and are ready to start using within 1 hour.

What Size Are The Photos?

The photos we print in the photo booth are 6 x 4 inch, usually with four different photo shots on them (depending on the photo booth template you choose it might be 3 shots). We print 2 copies, one for your photo album and one copy for your guests to keep.

We also provide an option for your guests to purchase larger 6 x 9 inch enlargement photos and re-prints of 6 x 4 inch photos online after the event.

What Area Of The Country Does Your Company Cover?

Our Photo Booth Hire Service covers a radius of approximately 100 miles around Northampton and including, but not limited to, Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

We are always happy to discuss events further afield so please contact us if you are unsure.

Reserve A Photo Booth Today

We have multiple photo booth units but they are always booked-up well in advance and so, to avoid disappointment, we recommend booking with us as soon as you know your event date. We only need a £50 deposit to reserve a photo booth for your birthday, so check availability below...

or CALL: 07912 383198

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